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Endpoint growth drives security demands, survey says

Endpoint growth and demand for security services seem to be the two most transformative trends that impact IT service providers (ITSP).

Those are the results of a new survey done by Autotask, which questioned more than 1,100 global ITSPs. According to the survey, more than half of ITSPs said they experienced a large increase in the number of managed endpoints. That, consequently, leads to higher security concerns, and in the end, leads to endpoint management being the top IT service for revenue.

“Our device-centric world is increasing the number of endpoints that ITSPs need to secure and manage. This will only increase in years to come as the realities of a remote workforce that requires access to data and files on any device anywhere becomes the norm,” said Patrick Burns, Vice President, Product Management, Autotask. “Based on the results of this year’s survey, it’s clear that service providers realize the critical need to prioritize how they manage and secure endpoints. This is a significant revenue opportunity for them. By ensuring networks of communication are running smoothly, ITSPs will also be in a position to play a more strategic, trusted role with end-clients.”

The survey also suggests that file synchronisation and sharing seems to be another good path to revenue. A third of companies will implement a solution for file syncing and sharing (FSS) by the end of 2016, the survey suggests.

In a press release following the results, Autotask says FSS solutions can help businesses focus on security: “With a secure FSS solution, SMBs can address concerns about securely managing more endpoints while giving employees the flexibility to easily collaborate and the access they need to files and data anywhere to maximize productivity.”