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A toll-free number for big business presence

In the business world a common saying, better an egg today than a hen tomorrow, refers to the well examined fact that delivering satisfactory services to existing customers certainly adds more profit to a company’s account than attracting new customers. In other words, a wise and good company will try to keep happy customers already within its lap. But we are all aware of the fact that keeping an existing base of customers happy is not really easy.

Do you remember when your business was hit-hard with an appalling customer experience and you didn’t reveal it to anyone? We know, probably that never occurred. Customers get annoyed when it comes to delayed doorstep deliveries, poor customer service, or unexpected product glitches. They spread their annoyance on Facebook, tweet their discontent, and write blog posts criticising you. Obviously, this deteriorates the image of the business.

Effective communication forms the crux of a business deal, customer interaction or conversation with a staff member. Every conversation is an opportunity to learn something new. The art of networking is really simple. Any self-oriented, unsuccessful or one-way communication can turn out to be disastrous for your business.

Sales Manager - Alexa, initiates a business conversation by giving away her business card, bragging about her designation and then begins promoting her business to the client. What do you think the client would be interested in during this conversation? Nothing! In fact, the client was looking for an opportunity to get away from her.

Being an interested person is appreciable. But, in an impressive conversation ‘everyone is important.’ In the above conversation, Alexa did a blunder by assuming her business to be the best thing in the world and neglecting taking interest in other peoples’ personal and business efforts or endeavors.

So, what makes a great conversation? You have reached the right destination. It is a two-way road.

Golden rule to turn conversation into a win-win situation

Listening - a great relationship builder. Listening enhances knowledge and the more you know; the better performance you deliver. Active and carefully listening shows you care and respect the speaker which in turn helps to build a better relationship. If every word said to staff or employees is heard, understood and immediately acted upon then it can yield great profits to the company.

This one is especially important for businesses gripped in customer relationship issues – let your customers reach you conveniently. An email ID, website, toll-free phone number or a social media page can help the customers get in touch with you anywhere, anytime. Your prospective clients or customers can turn into potential customers if they have easy and open access to multiple channels of communication. Complaints can be registered easily and feedback can be provided conveniently.

How toll-free numbers make a difference to your business

  • A smart and cost-effective choice for the small businesses, Toll free-numbers enhance the progress of companies to a significant extent. Phone numbers are available easily and at affordable charges.
  • Not only this, IP telephony offers great features such as call recording, voicemail, access, shared files on cloud, pulling up customer records automatically and IVR, which enable your business to progress at a rapid pace.
  • Statistics reveal that executing toll-free number services can raise your sales query up an impressive 53 per cent and sales can rise by up to 35 per cent.

Features such as IVR support, toll-free number choice, pricing of the plan, voice quality, number of extensions, etc. vary according to the service providers. Service standards are determined by these features provided to the customers. Compare and then select the features that fit your business.

Well, all this isn’t as complex as it sounds. Toll-free number service providers have led to the clearance of standing water clog created by legacy voice system.

Hosted PBX systems reduce the costs associated with telecom infrastructure. It goes much further than just the replacement of traditional phone systems. Toll-free numbers facilitate successful growth in businesses. Voice is considered the most widely used channel. Speedy resolution and instant gratification to customer issues show that you care.

Imagine if a promotional email also incorporated a toll-free number to contact for more information. The customer could have contacted to inquire about the days of operation and would have become a potential customer. Your business agenda would have been accomplished. So, get it now and let your business grow high.

Shraddha Tewari, writer at TheRealPBX