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Big Data infrastructure to grow significantly by 2019

Big Data, and its infrastructure is expected to grow significantly in the next four years, a new study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows.

IDC has done an in-depth market sizing of the Big Data infrastructure in Europe, Middle East and Africa, including servers and storage, as well as cloud resources, and here are the results:

Big Data-related server shipments will jump from 6 per cent this year to 16 per cent by 2019. The business is currently valued at $1 billion (£700m), but will be worth $2.7bn (£1.88bn) by the same year.

The storage capacity will reach 20 exabytes. If you’re not sure how much that is, here’s a Wikipedia article.

The analysis also says 134,000 server units got shipped in 2015 for Big Data, as well as 764 petabytes of storage capacity. Most of the storage was external, it adds.

Compliance is the main reason why most of the data, especially sensitive one, will remain in companies’ own datacentres, although analytics workloads will be moved to the public cloud.

Public cloud infrastructure share of Big Data workloads is expected to jump from 19 to 34 per cent by 2019, and storage capacity on public clouds will also rise – from 25 per cent to 55 by 2019.

"Big Data and analytics have risen to the top of executives' and developers' agendas as the technology has evolved and mindsets are starting to change in organizations in EMEA," said Andreas Olah, senior research analyst, European Datacenters and Big Data, IDC. "The main challenge is not the data or its volume, but the ability to generate value from it.

"Many customers are still at the beginning of their journey and still don't know where to start. Others have high ambitions and clear ideas but are slowed down by increasing complexities and the lack of highly skilled data scientists and developers."