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Cisco launches a service to tackle shadow IT

Cisco has launched a new service which will allow companies to tackle the challenges of the shadow IT. Shadow IT, a practice in which organisations use either public IT systems and solutions or cloud services, is "rampant”, Cisco says, adding that its new Cloud Consumption as a Service can help with that.

According to Cisco’s press release, the Cloud Consumption as a Service is a new software-as-a-service product that “discovers and monitors public cloud services an organization is using”.

Its main goal is to find and keep an eye out for any public cloud use across the firm. From what I understood, it can be combined with Cisco analytics to reduce any security risks and better manage costs.

The new service was built on market research that has shown how large enterprises now use 1,220 individual public cloud services, which is 25 times more than estimated.

Adding to that, the average number of public cloud services grew 112 per cent in 2015 – 67 per cent in the last six months alone.

“Now that we have full visibility into our cloud usage we can make educated decisions about the services that are right for the business and get a better idea of what risks we may face,” said Robert Florescu, vice president of Information Technology at CityMD.

The service doesn’t come for free, though. It is currently priced at “approximately” $1 to $2 per employee per month. Cisco isn’t really clear about its pricing, as it says the price depends on the size of the business. It is offering a one-month trial for the new service, which you can check out here.