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Raytheon Websense transforms into Forcepoint and unveils new products

Cyber security firm Raytheon Websense today unveiled a new company name to build on the recent acquisition of the Stonesoft next-generation firewall (NGFW) business from Intel.

The two companies will operate under the name Forcepoint, attempting to address the constantly evolving cyber security challenges and regulatory requirements facing businesses and government agencies.

The Forcepoint platform will aim to protect organisations against cyber threats from both insiders and outsider, as well as detecting security breaches, minimising the period between compromise and remediation - known as 'dwell time' - and stop cyber theft.

Forcepoint CEO, John McCormack said: "With Forcepoint, organisations can protect users, networks and data in the cloud, on the road, and in the office. We simplify compliance, enable better decision-making and streamline security so that our customers can concentrate on what’s important to them.

"We will provide a unified cloud-centric platform to defend against attacks, detect suspicious activity sooner, and give the context needed to decide what actions to take to defeat the attack and stop data theft. Defend, detect, decide, defeat – this is our vision for Forcepoint 4D Security. We have the expertise, financial commitment and ongoing access to unique, defense-grade security technology necessary to deliver on this vision.”

Three new products have also been launched as part of the company debut:

  • Insider threat detection - Forcepoint’s SureView Insider Threat 8.0 identifies the riskiest users within and organisation by providing context around user behaviours.
  • Cloud-based protection of Office 365 - The TRITON platform is now natively hosted in Microsoft Azure and enforces consistent policy across the cloud, on premises and at endpoints.
  • Network security - Forcepoint’s Stonesoft NGFW provides visibility, responsiveness and policy enforcement across hundreds or thousands of locations with a single management console.


Christian Christiansen, Program Vice President of Security Products at IDC said: “Forcepoint is focused on enabling companies to do business securely in new and exciting ways by taking advantage of cloud computing, mobility, and other disruptive technologies.”