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Barclays beats Google to mobile payments in the UK

Barclays has just released an update for its Android app which will support payments over NFC. Users with Barclaycard credit cards who have the Barclaycard app (not the Barclays Mobile Banking app) installed on their phones will be able to make payments of up to £30 without entering a PIN number or opening the app.

The firm was criticised by its customers last year for not supporting Apple Pay when it launched in the UK. Now it appears that Barclays is taking a more proactive stance on supporting mobile payments. Android Pay is not yet available in the UK and it is believed that it will take Google a bit more time to launch the mobile payment service.

With the updated Barclaycard app, users only need to turn on NFC to enable the service. After that they simply have to tap their phone on the contactless reader at the register to make payments. The app works in the background and simplifies the process for consumers by not requiring them to open the app or to input a PIN number for smaller purchases. The Barclaycard app will also allow larger purchases of up to £100 without a PIN at certain retailers.

Barclays new mobile payment system may not offer the same type of security that Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay do, but it does allow customers to make quick, easy, and seamless purchases at cafes and corner shops. If a user does end up losing their phone or having it stolen, unauthorised users would be able to make £30 purchases but this scenario would be similar to if they were to lose a contactless card.

Customers should expect to see this updated version of the app coming to their mobile devices in the coming days. The new Barclacard app will work on any phone with an NFC chip that is running the latest version of the app.

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Anthony Spadafora
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