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Fujitsu releases 11 new tablets, laptops and PCs

Fujitsu has recently announced a total of 11 new computers, including desktops, laptops, tablets and long-life PCs. The devices are split into multiple series, with tablets having two and laptops three series.

The company also added the new models will be slowly introduced in Japan this month.

It announced two tablets: the FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab R726/M, and a high-spec ARROWS Tab Q736/M tablet. The R726/M is a 12.5" LCD device featuring a full-HD display, which also comes with a detachable keyboard.

The Q736/M device is built for the outdoors, coming with a 13.3" LCD, with dust, water resistance.

As for the new laptops, Fujitsu introduced the LifeBook S936/M and LifeBook U745/M, both of which come equipped with the palm vein sensor which allows the user to log into the OS simply by holding the palm above the machine. All devices come with Windows 10.

The second family of laptops comes with something Fujitsu calls a “Family Concept” – people with different machines can basically share accessories such as docking stations or power adapters.

The models are called the E756/M, E746/M, E736/M, E556/M, E546/M.

Tablets and laptops aside, Fujitsu also introduced a new PC, called the Esprimo K556/M Desktop PC. It runs on Windows 10 and comes equipped with the latest Intel processor – the Xeon CPU. There’s also the Esprimo J529/FA model, also equipped with the Intel Xeon CPU.

More details about the new line of products, including pricing and availability, can be found on this link.