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Adware shunned from online advertisers’ leadership bash

Adware, the online advertising blocking company, says that it has been uninvited from an advertising industry confab after the Interactive Advertising Bureau withdrew its approval for Adware to attend the Annual Leadership bash in California this weekend.

Adware, surprisingly, was rather taken aback by the decision and felt aggrieved that the members of the $50 billion online advertising business would not welcome the presence of a company that profits from blocking online advertising.

Adware seemed to show little self-awareness of its own undoubted success against the online advertisers, as it has over 400 million downloads to date – that’s a lot of lost potential customers for the members of the Interactive Adverising Bureau.

However, Adblock operations manager Ben Williams did persist in trying to attend the confab, despite being obviously unwelcome, however his best efforts where doomed to failure.

Adblock’s inquiry as to why its invitation had been cancelled and the fee returned only brought about a passive-aggressive response from the Bureau restating that its registration was reneged: "In about five minutes of email exchanges with colleagues, we went through something similar to the five stages of loss," Williams says.

"Like dis-inviting us will make the problem somehow go away! We contacted the IAB’s CEO Randall Rothenberg directly to ask him to reconsider this decision, and we got … crickets."

Image source: Shutterstock/Georgejmclittle