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European Data Centre Group to level the data centre playing field

The European Data Centre Group (EDCG), which was formed in December 2015, could shake things up in the data centre industry, especially when it comes to large companies and their monopolistic approach to the valuable business, managing director of Aegis Data believes.

Aegis Data is one of the four businesses comprising EDCG, together with City Lifeline, Next Connex and Migsolv.

Greg McCulloch, managing director of Aegis Data, says that independent data centres' biggest obstacle is having to compete with the biggest players, and EDCG can do something about it.

"For a lot of organisations the USP of having dual or multiple locations can often be the deciding factor for a business when choosing one provider over another. It instantly provides a level of confidence whereby in the event of an incident their data can fail over to another site,” he says.

“For those smaller industry players, not having such capabilities in place can leave them frustrated, largely as all the other ingredients are often in place. This is what we have looked to address.”

“2016 is expected to see significant growth in areas such as virtual reality, IoT and cloud applications and services. To account for this European data centres are expected to increase space and power consumption by 20 per cent over the next four years to handle growing data volumes. Those organisations looking to outsource their data need confidence that a provider is able to offer the necessary support needed to handle this,” he added.

The EDCG can level the playing field by offering businesses access to skilled and flexible providers, he says.