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Outbound email bigger security threat than phishing

It’s not phishing and malware attacks that pose the biggest security threat to businesses, it’s actually outgoing emails that take the crown.

Those are the results of a recent survey conducted by EACS in conjunction with Mimecast. According to the survey, 28 per cent of businesses cited human error as the number one corporate email security threat.

Humans seem to be sending a lot of confidential data over email.

External threats, which include spear phishing and gateway attacks, aren’t really that dangerous as outgoing emails.

Besides email, portable devices people bring with them are also considered a big threat. Other concerns include USB sticks and other external hardware.

Orlando Scott-Cowley, Cyber Security Strategist, Mimecast, said: “People are the biggest risk factor when it comes to corporate email security and all employees have a valuable role to play in keeping an organisation’s IT system safe. Clear and effective policies and processes need to be in place to minimise this risk and it is crucial that employees understand how their actions can affect the business.

“If company guidelines are too complex, many employees will simply find their own solution, potentially opening up the organisation to attack.”

That is why improving email was the biggest priority for surveyed businesses.

Mike Dearlove, Managing Director, EACS said: “Email systems are the lifeblood of many businesses. Having effective email security in place is a critical defense barrier against hackers seeking to capture and exploit valuable corporate information and disrupt business operations. It is impossible to prevent attacks on our networks from being attempted but there are a number of systems that we can put in place which integrate seamlessly with existing packages and minimise the impact of such activity.”