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Intel announces a new processor for the office

Intel has recently announced a new processor for the office computer. The 6th Generation Intel Core vPro processor family is designed ‘for the modern workforce’ and comes with a few innovations to keep office life tolerable.

Besides being the fastest processor, and the one to consume least energy, it also comes equipped with a protection system to keep the computer safe from cyber-attacks.

Intel says the new processor offers “2.5 times the performance and a 30-times increase in graphics performance over a 5-year-old device”, providing users with much more productive and powerful business tools.

In terms of safety, there’s the nifty little feature Intel calls the Intel Authenticate Solution – “a hardware-enhanced multifactor authentication solution that strengthens identity protection”. There are three stages of authentications users need to pass in order to confirm their identity – something they know (a password), something they have (a smartphone or a tablet) and something they are (highly in debt… I mean, a fingerprint scanner!).

IT can choose from these authentication protocols according to the company policy. The Intel Authenticate Solution is available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. A preview version is also available.

“With incredible, new, eye-catching designs, added performance, and longer battery life, the 6th Gen Intel Core and Intel Core vPro processors are setting a new standard for business computing,” said Tom Garrison, vice president and general manager for the Intel Business Client division. “By also adding enhanced security capabilities in the hardware, Intel has helped to make these newest PCs an integral part of a business’s overall security solution, making users more secure and productive than ever before.

The full announcement can be found on this link.