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New study reveals modern power of the cloud

The cloud is changing the way businesses and IT teams operate and a new survey from industry specialist BetterCloud reveals the extent of the shift.

Based on a survey of 1,500 IT professionals it shows that of organisations started in the last two years 61 per cent have begun their operations in the cloud. In addition 59 per cent of IT professionals say the cloud has changed the structure and responsibilities of their team in the past year.

Smaller businesses with less than 1,000 employees are heading the dash skywards, with 51 per cent reporting that they expect to have all of their systems in the cloud by 2020. This compares to 32 per cent of mid-market businesses and only 21 per cent of enterprises.

The report also shows up some interesting facts on the path companies have taken to the cloud. Before moving to Google Apps 49 per cent of customers came from Exchange, 35 per cent had no previous platform, seven per cent came from Lotus Notes, five percent from Office 365 and four percent from Novell Groupwise.

Comparing this to Office 365, 70 per cent of current customers came from Exchange, 13 per cent came from Google Apps, eight per cent had no previous platform, six per cent came from Lotus Notes and three per cent came from Novell Groupwise.

It can take up to a year to choose and move to a cloud system and there are some surprising factors in adoption rates, including the age range of employees. Companies with an average employee population aged between 18 and 20 had on average three cloud apps in 2015 and are expected to have five by 2017. Those with more experienced employees in the 35 - 44 age range however had six cloud apps in 2015 but are expected to have 15 by 2017.

You can find much more information in the full 2016 State of Cloud IT report on the BetterCloud blog.

Image Credit: ND Johnston/Shutterstock