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Storage reliability more important than price, survey says

When it comes to storage, saving money is no longer the number one priority for businesses, a new survey by Western Digital Corporation says.

According to the storage maker’s second annual global survey of CIOs and IT decision-makers, businesses have recognized the positive impact data can have on their bottom line.

Almost three quarters are growing their storage and archiving capacities, while more than 80 per cent are investing in data analytics. Budgets are increasing, as well as build-out initiatives, in order to better store and access data gathered.

More than half of all businesses surveyed are still not storing all the data they need, and 60 per cent are saying that the biggest challenge is being able to quickly access and process data collected.

“The findings of our survey underscore the increasing value of data, where dependable access through reliable storage systems and devices, is more critical than ever before,” said Dave Tang, senior vice president at Western Digital Corporation.

“As data-driven organizations strive to extract more value from their operational and historical data, advanced architectures like Active Archiving enable data to be accessed easily and cost-effectively to transform data into a competitive advantage. With a reputation for quality and reliability, our storage solutions and devices will play a critical role in the infrastructure build out in 2016 and beyond.”

Cloud is trending, the survey suggests, with decision-makers watching it closely, and identifying it as the leading growth area in terms of budget. The Internet of Things is another big trend, with decision-makers saying it’s driving change within data centres, and saying its impact is biggest in energy, finance, IT/telecom, and manufacturing sectors.