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Fujitsu fights targeted email attacks with AI

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories have announced that they have developed new technology which will help businesses combat targeted email attacks in real time.

It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to detect any anomalies in an employee’s behaviour which might be related to a targeted email attack.

Targeted email attacks have become more sophisticated in recent times, the company said in a press release following the announcement.

Attackers will pretend to be either employees of the company or customers, sending multiple emails and building a relationship with the victim, before ultimately sending a link to a malicious website, or sending malware directly through mail. Emails are usually written in such manner that traditional spam filters can’t detect them.

The new technology uses advanced artificial intelligence, called the “Human Centric AI Zinrai" technology, which first learns the patterns of behaviour of employees. Then it monitors its behaviour, especially in the time before/after using email. It can then notice any anomalies.

The technology will send alerts for those emails with a high chance of being malicious, without frantically scanning each and every email.

This technology was developed in part with assistance from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications through the Research and Development Regarding the Detection and Analysis of Cyber Attacks project.

The company said it wants to expand the scope of these targeted email attacks that can be detected, as well as to improve the precision of these detections. It said it’s planning to bring the technology into “practical application” in fiscal 2016, to counter cyber-attacks and data leaks.