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Dell Networking launches Operating System 10

Dell Networking has today announced the launch of the Operating System 10 (OS10).

The company said the new software is designed to bring new levels of flexibility into the large-scale data centre environment. It disaggregates network software, allowing customers more choice on how the software is used.

OS10 will allow users to create the most efficient and flexible paths across networked systems by unbundling various modules to give users more control over specific areas.

The Operating System 10 comes with a Base Module and the Application Modules. The Base Module is available for free and runs an unmodified Linux distribution. The Base Module also employs the Open Compute Project Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI), which "enables a common, programmer-friendly language between vendor network operating systems and the particular silicon residing on the physical switch.”

Through Application Modules, the OS10 supports traditional networking functions from both Dell and third parties.

“OS10 from Dell Networking provides the unique flexibility and programmability necessary for a modern cloud provider to innovate and succeed in a fast-changing environment,” said Jason Long, director of Network Architecture & Operations at Joyent. We’re already seeing significant operational benefits from having server-like manageability combined with our server-centric automation tools.”

The OS10 Base Module is expected to be shipping in March this year, while Dell-developed application modules will enter the beta phase later this year.