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Digital transformation is core to economic stability

With Davos currently being the hot topic in the digital business world, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not going digital is a gamble.

Fujitsu has recently released a report about the topic, concluding that for the majority of businesses, digital investment success is a gamble, and following the comments by Meg Whitman at HPE and Marc Benioff at Salesforce at Davos about organisations taking risks when adapting digital, Fujitsu EMEIA CEO Duncan Tait decided to comment.

In short, he notices the problem, but says businesses should not be discouraged. In fact, they should work hard to eliminate key issues such as lack of ownership and conflicting priorities.

“When you scratch the surface, business optimism on digital transformation in fact looks more like bravado,“ he says. „An independent study we commissioned reveals that only one in four (25 per cent) organisations are actually confident in their digital decisions, while 71 per cent admit that their digital transformation projects are a gamble.“

“Digital transformation is increasingly core to societal and economic stability and in order to thrive, businesses need to accelerate the pace at which they bring technology and new ideas together. However, the lack of clear ownership and conflicting priorities is a barrier to success. We must focus on supporting customers on their journey to digital transformation, letting them to achieve balance in order for them to thrive in a digital world as well as to transform their businesses without disruption.”

The recent Fujitsu report also says UK is lagging behind Germany, Spain and Sweden, with 41 per cent of businesses believing their organisation is not a digital leader.