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Kaspersky Lab and WISeKey launch a secure mobile app

Kaspersky Lab and WISeKey have announced a new app, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, which will keep people’s data safe from cybercriminals and other intruders.

The product is called the WISeID Mobile Security Cyber-Resilience app and it employs the latest technology from both security companies to keep users’ data safe, and the data transfer from one device to another easy and secure.

Firstly, the WISeID Mobile Security Cyber-Resilience app includes the Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK, Kaspersky Lab’s solution featuring an anti-malware engine, as well as protection for the web, the local network, devices and data on it.

The SDK can also detect risks – it features Risk Detection libraries which help identify any potential risks.

The app can also keep passwords in an encrypted vault which can only be opened with the Master Password or pre-defined pattern, together with facial recognition.

“The landscape of cyber-threats is becoming increasingly complex, and we’re investing a lot of effort into staying a step ahead of advanced cybercriminals,” said Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. “A growing number of business transactions are carried out with mobile devices, and a huge amount of sensitive data is stored in them; all this makes them high-profile targets for criminals. That’s why fighting against mobile threats is such an important activity for my company.”

“The temptation presented by the sheer number of mobile phones in use means that criminals, both virtual and real, are not easily put off,” added Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey. “The inventiveness that hackers apply to trick users into installing their predatory apps is a tribute to the dark side of human ingenuity.”