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Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated coming to Google Cloud

Google and Red Hat will be working together in the future to bring OpenShift Dedicated to the Google Cloud Platform.

The news was announced yesterday, and the companies said the integration will be done 'in the coming months'. According to the announcement, Red Hat users will be able to natively access OpenShift Dedicated through the Google Cloud Platform.

OpenShift Dedicated is Red Hat's managed container application platform, and the integration will make adopting containers easier for customers, the announcement says.

VentureBeat says this is an extremely important deal for Google, as Red Hat's OpenShift Dedicated, which launched last month, was a tool that could have only been deployed to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google's big competitor and the biggest public cloud available today.

Not it can be used through Google cloud, too.

"That’s important for Google in its competition with AWS, and also important for companies that trust Red Hat but want to have an option other than AWS,” VentureBeat explains in its report.

The two companies said the move was inspired by enterprise customers’ feedback, who’ve told them they plan to move containers from experimental projects to supporting production workloads.

By doing so, they aim to add improved security, new services and ecosystems, dynamic scheduling, storage and cross-cloud portability and hybrid deployments.

Google and Red Hat believe that by combining Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes plus Red Hat OpenShift, they’ll be able to help in this endeavour.

If you’re interested in signing up for the beta test, follow this link.