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Internet of Body Things competition gets a winner

The winner of the recent ‘Integrated Social Care with Internet of Body Things Challenge’ competition has been announced, the company behind the competition announced on Monday.

Software development and consultancy firm SoftServe announced Dr. Karan Koshal as the winner, with the concept which uses waterproof wearables and in-home sensors to make sure people get healthcare needs without even having to ask for it.

According to a press release following the announcement, the solution uses the wearable and the sensors to track the patient’s movement. The data is then used and analysed to create a pattern of ‘normal’ behaviour. Once the ‘normal’ has been established, it monitors to detect any anomalies and acts upon them.

The wearable will monitor things like heart rate, temperature and glucose level, while in-house sensors will gather data on the daily levels of activity and movement.

“Karan’s concept shows how the intelligent application of simple and cost effective connected technologies can provide an immediate improvement to the lives of patients while enabling them to go about their daily lives,” said Eugene Borukhovich, Senior Vice President and Healthcare Global Vertical Practice Leader, SoftServe. “Often the patients most at risk are those who don’t want to complain to caregivers, and Karan’s idea would reduce the risk of this happening and ensure it’s not too late for in-home intervention.”

Dr. Koshal has been rewarded with appropriate resources to build a viable prototype within a month.

“The aim of my idea is to give individuals the confidence to maintain their quality of life, safe in the knowledge that should their mobility or health begin to decline, their need for help will be automatically detected and acted upon. I am very much looking forward to finally making my concept a reality with the help of SoftServe's DevOps resources and expertise,” explains Dr. Koshal.