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2016 will be the year of big data, analysts say

If IT projects company Procorre is to be believed, 2016 will be the year of big data. The company issued a report which says that this year will be the year when big data goes mainstream, its prices drop and the demand for professionals capable of turning that data into useful information grows.

The increase in demand for big data experts will ultimately lead to a talent shortage, the company added, as a growing number of firms begins to see big data as a strategic asset, and starts investing more funds into it.

There are three main themes driving the big data skills, Procorre says, and those are falling costs, big data going mainstream and security.

As the sector grows, big data will become more affordable to more businesses. It will turn mainstream – the company highlights the recently held Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, saying that the hottest topics there were made possible thanks to big data. Following high-profile breaches, there is a sense of "corporate paranoia”, meaning business leaders are taking data management more seriously than ever before.

Wiktor Podgorski, head of the relationship management team at Procorre, said: “All the rhetoric and hype around big data is now becoming reality as traditional business leaders wake up to the opportunities of data-driven decisions taking the place of gut instinct. We are now seeing massive demand for data scientists in the marketplace. This is no longer just a need for analysts but for talented people who can combine statistical analysis, predictive modelling and programming with a creative flair for visualising data which tells a story in an insightful and engaging way.”