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BT releases new service to speed up cloud app performance

BT released a new service which will allow its customers to automatically route and optimise network traffic, without spending more on bandwidth, the company announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The service, called BT Connect Intelligence IWAN, integrates the Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) solution, and uses a hybrid environment and managed Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology.

The company said Walgreens Boots Alliance will be among the first UK businesses to try the BT Connect Intelligence IWAN.

Key benefits of the BT Connect Intelligence IWAN are: VPN capabilities, app routing across the best path in the customer’s hybrid network, and faster app performance.

On top of it all, it also gives enhanced app visibility and analytics, available through centralised reporting.

“For years, we have also been adding ‘intelligence’ to the network services we provide to our customers,” said Keith Langridge, vice president of network services at BT Global Services.

“NFV and SDN are part of that drive, and aim at making those services more dynamic and automated. They pave the way for a new generation of services that are quicker and easier to set up and change. BT Connect Intelligence IWAN leverages the Cisco IWAN solution to bring an important new building block in that virtualisation effort. It will help our customers all over the world deal much more effectively with ever increasing bandwidth and traffic optimisation demands, allowing customers to network like never before.”

The company also added that all interested parties will be able to try out a 90-day trial ‘in the near future’.