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How the IoT can help your SMB

The Internet of Things is usually thought of in terms of its impact on consumers, but it has an impact on business users too.

UK support company Supreme Systems has produced an infographic looking at what the IoT can do for smaller businesses.

It starts off by outlining the main components of the IoT (such as devices and sensors) before moving on to some predictions, including that there will be 50 billion connected devices and 50 trillion GBs of data by 2020, with the automotive industry being the most lucrative.

It looks at the areas where the IoT can benefit businesses including customer satisfaction, financial performance and overall efficiency. The graphic also covers how the IoT can open up new opportunities for research and product development.

The factors to consider when deploying the IoT are considered too, including security, open source and proprietary standards and more.

You can see more in the full infographic below.

SME IoT infographic