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The anatomy of a DDoS attack

DDoS attacks are one of the greatest threats that companies face and can lead to financial losses and damage to customer relationships.

But how exactly do these attacks work? Cloud delivery security company Incapsula has put together an infographic explaining the anatomy of such an attack.

It looks at the victims of attacks as well as those who facilitate them. These include the 'arms dealers' who supply the software and tools to launch attacks, and also the types of cyber criminals who use them, ranging from hacktivists trying to make a political point - hello Anonymous - to script kiddies mounting attacks just for the fun of it.

The graphic also looks at the costs of DDoS attacks both in financial terms and in disruption to the business. From a financial point of view, the average cost of a cyber attack is $21,155 per day with the IT department being the most financially impacted area of businesses.

You can see the full infographic below.

Incapsula DDoS infographic

Photo Credit: Duc Dao / Shutterstock