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Waze launches a free SDK for all developers

Community-based traffic and navigation app Waze has announced its Waze Transport SDK (software development kit) on Wednesday.

Through the SDK, other apps can integrate the Waze navigation system, bringing a smoother and more seamless navigation and traffic experience.

In a press release following the announcement, the company said Waze’s insights are one of the ‘largest historical and predictive data sets now available in the traffic industry’, thanks to its 50 million active users all around the world.

It goes on explaining how various Waze partners can use the SDK to improve their business, giving examples like Cabify, whose passengers may wait less time for a ride and experience a faster, more efficient route.

Another benefit comes in the form of less friction between apps, as drivers sometimes have to toggle between different apps if they rely on an external navigation service.

"Waze has the most accurate data on real­time traffic conditions,” said Juan de Antonio, CEO and founder, Cabify. “This is really valuable for Cabify to provide the best experience for both our drivers and our passengers. Drivers get to increase their efficiency by following optimal routes and passengers additionally benefit from accurate ETAs."

The SDK is free for download and can be used by anyone, the company stated. That includes mobile developers of ‘all geographies, industries and business size’. For those looking to know more, head over here.