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Adopt continuous security to protect consumer data

As individuals, the amount of personal data we have online has grown thanks to social networking and the number of organisations that encourage us to do business via the internet.

It's set to grow still more as the Internet of Things takes off, and this presents problems when it comes to sharing information. Conventional solutions rely on checkboxes or cookies, but these struggle to cope with current demands.

Access management company ForgeRock is launching its new Identity Management Platform, which includes the industry's first use of continuous security and consumer-facing privacy protection to guard data.

"In an era of very public data breaches and heightened consumer awareness, 'fostering trusted digital relationships' can't be considered a buzz phrase. Privacy strategy must include a consent-to-share strategy that looks after the top line of the business," says Mike Ellis, CEO of ForgeRock. "The UMA (User Managed Access) standard was created to give an individual a unified control point for authorising who and what can get access to their digital data, content and services, no matter where all those things live. The new ForgeRock Identity Platform enables private and public organisations to quickly deploy secure identity services based on UMA principles".

The platform uses 'continuous security' which enables organisations to apply contextual identity, adaptive risk and multi-factor authentication at the time a user authenticates as well as at any point during a digital session. This ensures the authenticity of users, devices, things and services at all times and cuts the risk whenever an anomaly is detected.

By employing the UMA standard it makes it possible for organisations to comply with shifting privacy regulations and establish trusted digital relationships. The new software capabilities make it easy for businesses to comply with data privacy regulations, such as Safe Harbour and the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

More information on the platform is available on the ForgeRock website.

Photo Credit: Pavel Ignatov/Shutterstock