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Bullion servers set new performance records

Bullion, high-end servers from Atos' technology brand Bull, has set a new global record in performance, the company announced on Thursday.

The record was set in accordance with the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.

The servers were equipped with a 16-socket configuration. The bullion S has 288 cores on 16 Intel Xeon processor E7 v3, and comes with 4TB of RAM. According to the press release following the announcement, it achieved a peak performance of 11600 – 11100 Base – according to SPECInt_rate2006 benchmark.

"This recognition is paramount to Atos strategic commitment to develop - through its Bull brand - innovative systems for high performance computing to process large volumes of data – exactly what is needed to overcome the challenges of the 21st century,” said Arnaud Bertrand, Group SVP, Head of Big Data & HPC at Atos.

“Bullion is the most powerful server in the world and thus a real pride for the Group. Bull's technological expertise in the field of infrastructure is again welcomed. The power demonstrated by bullion, coupled with its exceptional memory capacity, makes it the benchmark of servers chosen for its memory capacity and supports our ambition to become a world leader in Big Data."

Bullion x86 can come with up to 24 TB of RAM, allowing it to run big data applications such as the SAP HANA. It also offers TCO reduction (total cost of ownership) of virtualisation clusters, as well as the virtualisation of critical applications.

Full results of the bullion benchmark can be found on this link.