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DDoS attacks against UK-based websites rose 23 per cent

Websites in the UK have suffered 23.2 per cent more DDoS attacks in the final quarter of 2015 than before, a new report by cyber security firm Imperva.

According to its DDoS report, entitled Global DDoS Threat Landscape Report Q4 2015, attacks against UK-based websites rose 2.5 per cent compared to Q3 of the same year.

US websites still drew the bulk of DDoS attacks, becoming the target for 47.6 per cent of all such traffic.

Looking at the attacking countries, China dominates, with 39.8 per cent of all attacks originating from the planet’s most populated country. It is followed by South Korea with 12.6 per cent, and the US with 11.7 per cent.

When it comes to the type of DDoS attacks that were most prevalent in the period, Q4 saw more organisations threatened by burst attacks – shorter, but more frequent.

“Repeated burst attacks were often used to conduct wars of attrition, with multiple attacks being launched in the span of a few hours. When used in such a manner, concurrent burst attacks are generally considered to be more dangerous than a single assault of comparable length,” the report claims.

With that in mind, it is no wonder that 82.9 per cent of all DDoS attacks were under 30 minutes. The longest one, still, lasted 35 hours.

The company said it mitigated 3,997 network layer attacks, showing an increase in such attacks of 25.3 per cent, compared to the quarter before.