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EE offers fastest mobile internet at London's airports

Do you know which network offers the best mobile internet speeds at London's airports? RootMetrics, the standard for mobile performance measurement, analysed these speeds and published a report, saying EE scored a hat-trick by offering the best speeds at London City Airport, London Heathrow, and London Gatwick.

The network scored 96.1 points at London City, 96.9 at Heathrow and 97.9 at Gatwick, out of a possible 100.

Behind it are O2, Three and Vodafone, all trading places across airports. RootMetrics says there’s a ‘tight battle’ between the three.

Three was second place at London City and Gatwick, while Vodafone was second at Heathrow.

Here are the speed results: at Heathrow, EE recorded a median download speed of 27.3 Mbps, and a median upload speed of 14.2 Mbps. At Gatwick, upload was 21.4 Mbps and download was 18.2 Mbps. At London City, download was 11.0 Mbps, and upload was 12.8 Mbps.

“The time before we fly is crucial to tick off business tasks or catch up with friends and family before we go offline for hours,” said Scott Stonham, General Manager of Europe for RootMetrics. “This unbiased information gives travellers a better idea of the mobile internet performance they should expect while waiting to board, depending on their departure airport. Our testing showed that, of the three airports tested, EE customers will generally experience first class performance, while Three’s customers can expect their smoothest ride at London City.”

Late last year, surveyed internet speeds at London’s airports, and found Gatwick to be the worst one.