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Five storage resolutions for 2016

As the first month of the New Year draws to a close, it’s time to talk resolutions. How many pairs of trainers have already been abandoned to gather dust in lonely shoe cupboards?

How many salads have been consumed only to be followed by a leftover selection box chocolate bar or two? How many times is the brand new gym membership really used beyond the first week of January?

However hard it might be to stick to everyday resolutions, the good news is there are some far more realistic habits you can adopt for storage this year — and you can start by shedding some weight from your unused VMs and applications.

1. Put your data centre on a diet

With greater VM density comes multiple benefits. Reduce your storage footprint and power consumption by putting your data centre on a diet and saying no to LUNs and conventional storage. You don’t even have to settle for a boring selection of diet options: instead, opt for choice — the ability to use one or more hypervisors and to optimise the location of your workloads across all-flash and hybrid-flash systems.

2. Shape up your finances

Stop over-provisioning. The issue with conventional storage is you never know how much performance you have in reserve. As a result, when you reach 70 per cent capacity, you have to buy more storage (in order to avoid the “performance cliff”). VAS (VM-aware storage) can show you how much you have left in terms of performance reserves, so you can run right up to 100 per cent of capacity without having to over-buy as a preventive measure.

3. Learn something new 

Conventional storage is so 2015: you’ve virtualised your applications, so why is your storage still structured around physical workloads? It’s time to move out of the dark ages and learn about VAS (that’s what the cool kids in tech are doing anyway). VAS is quick to install and it allows you to see every action at the VM or granular level and to spot performance problems from the offset, rather than waiting around for a major pain point to emerge.

4. Spend more time with family 

Stop spending evenings and weekends tuning LUNs and volumes: with VAS you can avoid chaos in your data centre environment with per-VM cloning, replication, QoS, analytics and more. VAS allows you to gain actionable real-time analytics from your environment and guarantee the performance of every single virtual machine, leaving more quality time to spend with family. Trip to the cinema, anyone? (No LUNs allowed)!

5. Less stress means drink less…

Don’t spend days troubleshooting, causing unnecessary and unwanted stress. Gain insight across your infrastructure to highlight the root cause of performance issues in seconds, rather than working yourself into a frenzy. Less stress inevitably means that your ‘drink less in 2016’ resolution will become more likely, and you can relax and enjoy that cheat pint (or two) at the weekend without worrying about storage-based performance issues at work.

While you may give in to the chocolate cravings and give up the gym, investing in VAS will ensure your storage resolutions won’t be broken as easily. Even just one will ensure you can guarantee that the day-to-day running of your data centre in 2016 is a walk in the park. Trust us, it’s within your best interests.

Kieran Harty, CTO and co-founder of Tintri

Image source: Shutterstock/Ralwel