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IT security staff want a challenge, not more money

The notion that people are mercenaries when it comes to work and would most likely move if given an opportunity to earn more is, by a large margin, incorrect.

That's basically what a new report by developers AlienVault says. The report, entitled ‘Blood on HR’s floor - The challenge of Retaining IT Security Skills’, has a couple of interesting points.

The first one, and arguably the most important one, is that people usually change jobs when they’re looking for something more challenging and interesting. 33.9 per cent of people surveyed, and there were 132 people surveyed, confirmed that they would move to a more exciting assignment.

Money and flexible working hours were ranked second (23 per cent) and third (17 per cent).

A similar pattern can be noticed with people who stay put – 65 per cent do so because they are happy and content, not because of how much money they’re earning. The report says that 19 per cent stay because of convenience, and 13 per cent because of money.

What was also interesting to notice is that people don’t usually leave jobs – they leave bosses.

“Being unhappy with boss or company culture was an underlying theme across the survey,” says Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault. “Yet, several participants, particularly those in larger organisations, felt a distinction should be made between the company culture and team culture. Noting that one can be very satisfied with ones colleagues and boss but dissatisfied with the company culture.”