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VAIO releases two laptops for the business user

It seems as Microsoft's Surface Book has left quite the mark on the laptop industry. Following in its footsteps, VAIO has released two new laptop models that follow the similar pattern – they are two-in-one devices, both a laptop and a tablet, basically. They are extremely thin, but at the same time unbelievably powerful. They have quite a long battery life, and comes with a tilted keyboard and no bloatware.

The company also follows Microsoft’s footsteps when it comes to pricing – these machines are quite heavy on the dollars.

The two models are called VAIO Z (the flagship model) and the VAIO S (the standard model).

The VAIO Z comes with an Intel Core i7 processor – quite a powerful machine. It uses a thicker board for its click pad for a better hands-on feeling, and eliminates typing noises by fine-tuning the keycap tooling. Just like the previous model, this one too can be flipped from a classic clamshell laptop to a tablet, for easy notetaking. Obviously, it also comes with a stylus.

The VAIO S comes in a moulded magnesium alloy casing, built to last. It includes an analogue RGB Output, HDMI Output, LAN Connector, and three USB 3.0 ports.

In terms of prices, these are not budget-friendly devices. The VAIO Z clamshell model starts at $1,499, while the pricing for the VAIO Z flip model starts at $1,799. The VAIO S can be bought for $1,099. Both models will be available through the VAIO website and Microsoft’s website, as well.