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We're not doing enough to protect IoT, says Telefónica

The Internet of Things (IoT) is developing at an enormous pace, much so that it outpaces any and all security efforts. That is the general conclusion of a new report issued by Telefónica.

The report, entitled 'Scope, scale and risk like never before: Securing the Internet of Things', advocates, first and foremost, creating consistent standards and regulations.

It also says there must be greater trust between developers and operators to promote a universal understanding of security, and that way creating a robust defence for the IoT.

“There’s lots of focus on the innovation opportunities around IoT – however there has been relatively little on its dark underbelly to date,” comments John Moor, Director of The Internet of Things Security Foundation. “If we are not careful we could be sleepwalking into a lot of problems – some of which may not have been seen before.”

The Internet of Things will digitise pretty much every move we make, and turn it into usable data and insights. Losing such data to cybercriminals and other modern-day crooks could prove costly.

“It’s not just about the privacy of our own data, or the security of our digital identities,” said Chema Alonso, CEO of ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s cybersecurity unit. “In the next few years our lives will be surrounded by devices connected to the Internet that will digitalise every step we take, convert our daily activities into information, distribute any interaction throughout the network and interact with us according to this information.”

More information and access to the full report here.