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80 per cent of ITDMs expect an increase in container tech

More than three out of four IT decision makers are interested in running stateful applications like databases within containers, according to a recent survey.

Silicon Valley-based containerised data platform specialist Robin Systems (opens in new tab) conducted the survey in December 2015 with more than 200 respondents from industries including retail, banking and finance, manufacturing, and Internet infrastructure.

The results show that 81 per cent of respondents expect their companies to increase investment in container-based technology. Workload consolidation and lower performance overhead, as compared to traditional virtualisation, are the key motivation for 78.5 per cent of those who expressed interest in running databases within containers. Performance was cited by more than half (53 per cent) of respondents.

Among other findings are that enterprise container adoption continues to grow, with 35 per cent of respondents already using containers in production while 26 per cent are experimenting with them. A majority of respondents reported deploying both stateful and stateless applications within their containers.

Containers are emerging as the preferred platform for running databases too, with approximately half of respondents doing so. About 40 per cent of respondents say they have deployed big data applications such as Hadoop and Spark within containers.

Docker is being adopted quickly, but LXC and LXD remain as the preferred containerisation technology for data-centric applications, with 60 per cent citing their use. AWS EBS is the most popular storage backend for containers at 30 per cent, reflecting widespread container adoption for cloud-native applications.

When it comes to on premise storage infrastructure, respondents were essentially split between Storage Area Network (SAN) and Direct Attached Storage (DAS), both of which are used by about 20 per cent of respondents.

"Containers are a natural platform for running performance sensitive applications such as databases, as they enable consolidation without compromising performance or predictability", says Partha Seetala, chief technology officer at Robin. "This aligns perfectly with our vision of providing enterprises a high-performance and elastic containerised platform for stateful and mission-critical applications".

More information on database containerisation is available on the Robin Systems website (opens in new tab).

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Ian Barker
Ian Barker

Ian Barker worked in information technology before discovering that writing about computers was easier than fixing them. He has worked for a staff writer on a range of computer magazines including PC Extreme, was editor of PC Utilities, and has written for TechRadar, BetaNews, IT Pro Portal, and LatestGadgets.