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Atos shows what London must do to digitally transform

Digital services company Atos yesterday released a new report, showing what London must do to digitally transform and bring better public services to its citizens.

The report, entitled Digital Vision for London, asks the incoming Mayor of London to 'embrace a period of unprecedented change to shape the city’s digital future’.

Digital Vision for London was written by Kulveer Ranger, Director of Digital Public Services at Atos and former Transport and Digital Advisor to Mayor Boris Johnson. It sets out a couple of policy areas where increased use of digital innovations can improve public services.

Those include:

  • Redesigning public services for digital accessibility
  • Modernising policing via better use of data and technology
  • Taking transport management into an era of dynamic mobility
  • Understanding the future ‘Value of Data’
  • Making London the best ‘Connected Experience’ City in the world

“Our public services are also on a transformative journey to ensure they deliver efficiently and provide new levels of engagement, access & mobility as well as new transaction channels, all available via the smartphones, tablets and social media networks that we have already,” said Adrian Gregory, Atos UK & Ireland CEO.

“In this era of political devolution, more will be expected from the public sector in terms of value for money in return for greater autonomy and control. Cities and Local Government will need to harness the opportunities that digital transformation, big data analytics and the mobile smart citizen present,” added Kulveer Ranger.

The ‘Digital Devolution’ can help the local government in bringing more responsive and more seamless public services, the report suggests.