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Box, Egnyte, Dropbox files integrated with Office Online

Box, Dropbox and Egnyte have all teamed up with Microsoft to bring additional functionality to Microsoft’s Office Online users.

The deals will see these three services better integrate with Office Online, allowing Co-Authoring, meaning multiple users will be able to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on the respective cloud services, in real-time, at the same time.

“We’re excited about the next step in our journey to make Office files more open and accessible for Egnyte customers,” said Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Office. “Starting today, real-time co-authoring is available for customers storing documents in the Egnyte’s hybrid environment, giving them enhanced flexibility and a more seamless experience while working with Office applications.”

Egnyte has called the deal a ‘significant addition to our product portfolio’, which will allow its customers ‘a whole new way to work’.

"Openness and interoperability have transformed enterprise software," said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. "Box and Microsoft are delivering an unparalleled collaboration experience where customers have seamless access to their business content regardless of device or platform. We're excited to work alongside Microsoft to power new levels of customer innovation in the enterprise."

“Our Microsoft Office Online users can view, create, and collaborate on documents stored in the cloud via Egnyte using the Microsoft or Egnyte web interfaces,” said Paul Creed III, technology project director at Kent State University. “The ability to use existing applications — that are familiar and part of everyday workflows — in conjunction with our Egnyte account has improved productivity in such a seamless way, which allows our staff to focus on the task at hand."