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HPE whitepaper: Let UX drive DevOps

Instant gratification. It’s the new normal. People expect to get whatever they want immediately - regardless of their choice of technology, location, or context, regardless whether they’re using a web app, a mobile app, a desktop app, or a mission-critical application at work.

And if they don’t get what they expect, there will be hell to pay. The recent App Usage and Abandonment study shows that a sub-par user experience (UX) affects not only the success of the app itself, but also the brand and the business:

  • When a mobile app runs slowly, 48 per cent uninstall the app and 32 per cent look for an alternative - elsewhere.
  • If an application is problematic, 80 per cent will abandon it after three attempts or fewer.
  • 69 per cent say app issues gave them a lower opinion of the company that created the app.

DevOps teams understand the importance of prioritising the UX. But all too often, they don’t have the tools they need to deliver a superior UX. According to Dimensional Research (in the DevOps, application performance monitoring [APM], and User Experience Survey) 53 per cent of developers do not have full access to APM tools; 57 per cent lack UX dashboards and 61 per cent are blind to the end-to-end process.

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Image source: Shutterstock/Imagentle