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Six ways web conferencing can help your company

Web conferencing gives businesses the opportunity to host meeting via Internet service and a computer, and many organisations of various sizes are using this technology in order to stay connected with colleagues, clients, and investors from all over the world.

Managers tend to find this service especially useful, especially when they are responsible for employees that work remotely or are located at different branches. Web conferencing saves time, money, and energy, and it can allow managers better oversight of their workers regardless of where they might be located.

Improved training experiences

As a manager, you’ll be tasked with training new employees and ensuring that existing personnel are up-to-date on new changes, procedures, and technology. With video conferencing, you’ll be able to train your employees regardless of where they are located. Even if you have 100 new hires, you can provide them all the same high-quality training without paying for travel expenses and cramming everyone into one room. Additionally, allowing your employees to train from their own desk could be a more effective learning environment for them.

Stay in touch with distant offices

Some managers don’t have the luxury of having all of their staff members just down the hallway. In some situations, your business might have numerous branches that are located across the country. Web conferencing will provide a link that all of your offices can access for effective and quick communication, and you will be better in the loop about what is going on at each branch. This up-to-date communication will allow you to better manage your employees, even from afar.

Better project oversight

Web conferencing allows you to better manage your team’s projects. This is especially helpful if your employees are working remotely, in the field, or are traveling. Web conferencing solutions like UberConference can provide you with screen-to-screen communication, and you’ll be able to frequently check in with your staff to ensure that they are on pace to finish their assignments on time. Web conferencing allows you to take a proactive approach to management rather than just sitting around and waiting for an email or phone call to tell you the project is done.

Save time

Scheduling a traditional meeting is usually a lot of work when you’re the host. You’ll have to book the venue, plan an agenda, send out invites, and in some cases, order refreshments. In some cases the prep time will actually exceed the duration of the meeting. Web conferencing will eliminate many of these needs, meaning that putting meetings together will be much easier, faster, and more convenient. By saving time on meeting prep, you can spend more time on what is really important: managing your team and your organisation.

Additionally, web conferencing meetings allow for better structure that can help your organisation to save time. You’ll be able to set a specific start and ending time, providing a structure that will encourage good meeting practices. You’ll have control of executing the meeting and the content, resulting in meetings that stick to the subject and are accomplished in less time.

Spread important news more efficiently

As a manager,it is your job to ensure that all of your employees are on the same page, and this requires ongoing communication about changes that are affecting your business. When breaking news arises, the most effective way to broadcast this to your workers is to do so personally, and web conferencing gives you this opportunity. Communicating news in this manner will surely beat an impersonal email.

As an added tip for mangers, it is important to work on efficient communication skills when conversing with your employees via web conferencing. Be sure to offer verbal cues frequently throughout the session, as the people that you are speaking with may not be able to effectively read your body language or facial expressions if video feeds are not available. In these cases, you’ll need to make sure your voice is heard through responses like “I see your point” or “I understand” when someone is speaking to you.

Resolve unexpected problems promptly

Not all of your meetings will be planned, and in some cases, unexpected problems may arise that need to be handled right away. Web conferencing allows managers to immediately address concerns, as meetings can be held at any time, even with limited notice. You’ll be able to share information with your team about how to respond to a potential crisis, minimising the impact a problem will have on your business. Just be sure that you continue to use proper teleconference etiquette, even in times of high stress.

Web conferencing can be a great solution for the communication needs of your organization. If you have other tips for how web conferencing has allowed you to better manage your team, feel free to share.

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