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Whitepaper: Failing to meet mobile app user expectations

Users are reaching for mobile devices numerous times every day specifically to use mobile apps. The power and freedom of connected mobile computing continues to raise expectations but users have little patience for problematic apps.

Mobile device users heavily rely on peer reviews and star ratings to help them choose their apps. Once a mobile app is installed, that app is judged for its speed, responsiveness and stability which define the user experience and overall satisfaction.

Yet this study finds that users are experiencing app issues regularly. Critically, this report reveals that apps that exhibit issues are quickly abandoned after just a couple of occurrences. For a company who creates mobile apps, while good performance can lead to satisfied user and app downloads, poor performance will result in quick app abandonment. The findings indicate that the key to loyal customers from mobile apps is directly related to the mobile app performance, stability and resource consumption. Metrics defining the mobile app user experience must be measured from the customer’s perspective and ensure it meets or exceeds expectations at all times.

The consequence of failing to meet user expectations is not only app abandonment – it also leads to a tarnished brand with lost revenue opportunities from both current and future users.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sdecoret