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Whitepaper: Three keys for CIOs to ensure superior customer experience

Today's CIOs are tasked with leading their organisations through the next wave of digital transformation to create a superior customer experience and stay competitive in times of omnichannel customer interaction.

Digital transformation is a vast field of activity, touching on every aspect of the organisation, leaving many CIOs at a loss as to where to start. IDC has identified three areas that are foundational elements of digital transformation. Cloud becomes the underpinning architecture that provides the platform for enterprises to transform and automate the way they develop, deploy, and manage application services.

DevOps practices take advantage of cloud infrastructures through an API layer and Big Data analytics (BDA) to fuel both the internally focused optimisation of cloud infrastructure operations and DevOps-related continuous feedback processes as well as externally focused identification of new and evolving customer needs and customer experience.

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Image source: Shutterstock/Jirsak