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BT down and out around the UK

Down detector has reported that BT's broadband and phone network appears to be down in several locations across the UK, including London, Birmingham and Sheffield.

Customers are also taking to Twitter to report various issues, making #BTdown a trending topic in the UK. Down Detector has suggested that the problems started at around 2pm this afternoon. That's already two whole hours without internet for some people!

A BT spokesman confirmed the problems, saying "It is true that we are down at the moment. We are aware of the problems and are working on them as fast as we can."

BT's official Twitter feed also sent out a message to customers:

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We'll update this story as and when normal service is resumed. Although I might just use this as an excuse to go home early.

UPDATE: Joshua Raymond from CFD and FX trader at commented: “Given the sheer intensity of competition within the telecom and broadband sector, this outage is bad news for BT and could serve short term damage to its brand reputation.

"Data this morning from TalkTalk showed it lost 101,000 customers after its cyber attack last year and whilst this outage from BT does not appear to be anywhere near as serious right now, it does serve as a clear and present risk to the retention of its customer base. BT could also be forced into paying small compensation claims to keep its customers happy, especially if the outage lasts for an extended period of time"

Hubert Da Costa, Vice President, EMEA at Cradlepoint commented:

"Tuesday’s nationwide BT broadband outage revealed how vulnerable UK businesses are to fixed-line service interruptions, and underlined just how fundamental this technology is to our working lives. Organisations need to build much greater levels of protection into their communications infrastructure in order to ensure that they can maintain ‘business-as-usual’ operations.

"In an environment where so many organisations rely on a fixed-line service provider, a strategy that delivers failover capability via the UK’s 4G mobile networks to maintain connectivity can mitigate the risks of lost revenue, productivity and poor customer service.

"As businesses assess the cost of this major service interruption, and think again about their ability to overcome a similar situation in the future, protection against fixed-line service failure should figure more actively in their technology strategy."

Image Credit: Master1305 / Shutterstock