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OpenStack widely adopted in the UK, despite difficulties

Four out of five senior IT professionals in the UK plan to move to OpenStack private cloud, a new survey suggests, but those plans are filled with fears of vendor lock-in and a lack of OpenStack skills in the market.

The study was commissioned and released by enterprise Linux, cloud and storage infrastructure provider SUSE.

But it’s not just OpenStack where IT pros have fears of a vendor lock-in, it’s cloud in general. The survey says that 91 per cent have some concern of vendor lock-in, and 89 per cent say the lack of a skilled workforce is what’s holding their company back.

“This new report clearly demonstrates that UK businesses are keen to adopt private cloud, even for business-critical workloads,” said Danny Rowark, country manager, UK & Ireland at SUSE. “However, it’s important that IT departments are able to overcome the complexities that continue to arise here. With cost as a primary motivator for UK businesses to move to the cloud, an open source solution can play a key role in enabling organisations to implement a private cloud solution – reducing costs, driving innovation and agility, as well as providing freedom from vendor lock-in.”

The study also says that the cloud is universally adopted, with 88 per cent of UK companies saying they have implemented at least one private cloud, and trusted, with 96 per cent saying they’d use a cloud solution for business-critical workloads

Moreover, 94 per cent think infrastructure-as-a-service is the future of the data centre.

The study collected a total of 813 interviews across the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the Nordics, with 110 from the UK.