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Druva takes notice of growing cloud backup and recovery market

As businesses adopt the cloud for increased flexibility and reliability, public cloud services are increasingly being used as a protection platform to provide backup, archiving and disaster recovery.

Data protection firm Druva has recognised the importance of this market and is adding disaster recovery capability to its Phoenix product to offer a converged cloud solution.

Druva Phoenix is built on Amazon Web Services and makes use of the public cloud’s elasticity, global presence and security, meaning companies can store, protect and manage large volumes of data simply, efficiently and effectively.

"Companies have been forced to juggle multiple hardware and software resources -- including on-site tape, secondary disk hardware and backup software -- to manage, protect and secure data. This has created organisational silos and significant expense. Phoenix has been designed as a one-stop-shop for on-demand, infrastructure data protection services," says Jaspreet Singh, CEO, Druva. "By adding DR to Phoenix's existing public cloud backup and archival capabilities, these silos are eliminated saving enterprises money and resources".

Phoenix's new DR capability allows organisations to continuously back up their VMware environments. They can automatically recover and spin-up their virtual machines in the AWS public cloud when disaster strikes, ensuring business continuity. It helps save on costs too by eliminating the need for additional dedicated on premise software, storage or hardware.

Thanks to advanced configuration settings, Phoenix users can set up detailed polices to automate network and security failover to a DR environment, significantly reducing downtime. In addition, administrators can create multiple copies of virtual machines across geographies and accounts for test and development.

More details on the latest capabilities in Phoenix are available on the Druva website.

Photo Credit: Andreas Weitzmann/Shutterstock