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IoT set to infiltrate law enforcement through to 2025

The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be everywhere these days, proliferating our lives with more gadgets than anyone can possibly need. Just yesterday we saw smart refrigerators and washing machines announced by Samsung.

But what do all of these devices mean for law enforcement? No, the police won't be checking the food supply in the station's fridge, but getting technology that will better aid them while on the move.

According to Irish firm Research and Markets, "Budgetary pressures and the demand for increased operational efficiencies are driving law enforcement agencies to invest in technologies that allow greater access to information and data on the move".

The move began in 2014 and is expected to continue to trend upwards through 2025. It will include an increasing amount of connectivity with command, sharing voice, video, and text data.

This obviously means a growing number of officers with connected devices. The analysts point out "the average number of devices per law enforcement vehicle, and the number of IP-enabled video surveillance cameras, will increase".

This is also expected to lead to new solutions for IP-based communications, better inventory management solutions and cloud-based management of data. Not surprisingly it also means a need for better cybersecurity.

All of this should help agencies to better track down the bad guys and fight crime. Will it lead to safer streets? That question remains to be answered.

Photo Credit: Dutourdumonde Photography/Shutterstock