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2016 will be the year of the servers and storage refresh

This year will be the year when businesses refresh their servers and converged infrastructure, a new study by 451 Research suggests.

The market analysts surveyed more than 780 enterprises in North America and Europe about enterprise investments in storage and published the results in the Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and Converged Infrastructure study.

According to the study, 60 per cent plan to spend more money on servers this year, and 79 per cent will look to spend more on converged infrastructure. Hyperconverged infrastructure spend will be particularly strong, with 86 per cent saying they’re planning on investing. Moreover, 32 per cent are looking into a major sever and storage refresh.

Not everyone is getting equal parts of the cake, though. Cisco seems to be the biggest winner at the moment, with 70 per cent of its customers planning on refreshing. Other big players, such as IBM, HP and Oracle, will not do as good – their customers are looking more into cutting their spending.

“We see a sea change in the industry with Dell’s acquisition of EMC/VCE, and Nutanix filing for IPO,” said Nikolay Yamakawa, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “These shifts are putting a spotlight on converged infrastructure and providing IT buyers with more options.”

“To ensure success, vendors need to communicate with all converged infrastructure stakeholders in a target organization and provide training early in the process to help with customer onboarding,” added Yamakawa.

451 Research says that converged infrastructure vendors usually get into enterprise environments through a tech refresh project.