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How communication tools have changed the workplace

Interaction at work has been changed in recent years thanks to tools like Slack, but what do IT managers look for when sourcing communication tools?

According to the results of a new survey of 250 IT managers by West Unified Communications more than half believe that relying on best-of-breed communication and collaboration tools is more important than adopting solutions from the same vendor.

Other findings are that the adoption of video technology is on the rise. More than one-third of IT managers (36 per cent) expect to implement or expand their video capabilities in the next three years, but cite it as one of the most difficult technologies for IT departments to maintain.

The top reason for delaying unified communication deployment, according to 52 per cent of respondents, is not cost or budget, but that a technology isn't a ‘must have’ priority. The top technology is still audio conferencing, used by 79 per cent, followed by web conferencing (76 per cent) and instant messaging (73 per cent).

More on the survey's findings is available on the westUC website and there's a summary in infographic form below.

WUC infographic

Photo credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock