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Most businesses aren't cyber resilient, Ponemon finds

UK's businesses are mostly unprepared for cyber-attacks, and would most likely suffer hard in case of a cyber-incident. Those are the results of the latest poll on cyber-security across UK’s businesses, done by the Ponemon Institute research firm.

The research firm surveyed 450 IT and security executives about their organisation’s approaches to cyber-security and the results are quite disappointing.

According to the report, entitled The Cyber Resilient Organisation in the United Kingdom: Learning to Thrive against Threats, 71 per cent of companies in the UK would rate their cyber-security as low at this time, with the rest rating it as high. Moreover, 36 per cent are confident their business would be able to recover from an attack.

Even though 76 per cent agree that the most important thing is to have a response plan, 43 per cent don’t have one.

Besides planning, the lack of clear ownership is another big issue. Only 19 per cent say their CIO (chief information officer) is responsible for making their business safe. Moreover, 17 per cent have pointed their fingers into a business unit leader, while 14 per cent have no clue, saying no one has the responsibility.

“Despite the growing importance of cyber resilience, the research shows serious issues that need to be addressed if UK organisations are to survive the next wave of cyberattacks,” said Larry Ponemon. “Until cyber resilience becomes a coordinated, organisation-wide effort and the necessary technology and processes are put in place, organisations will remain vulnerable.”

The full report can be found on this link.