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UK business and digital tech in a love-hate relationship

Employees in the UK are generally annoyed and frustrated by digital technology, but believe it’s critical to their business’ success. Those are the results of a survey by IT provider Computacenter, looking into digital tech in business.

The report says that 83 per cent of UK employees believe digital technology is crucial to their business’ success, despite 77 per cent saying they’re frustrated by it. It goes so far that 41 per cent are looking for a new job, if this continues.

The surveyed sample includes 1,200 UK employees and IT managers, with 86 per cent saying they want their digital tech to do more.

“It has long been the case that a digital savvy workforce drives innovation and productivity,” says Paul Bray, Chief Technologist for Workplace and Mobility, Computacenter. “With 61 per cent of employees now considering themselves to be Digital Natives, getting the right technology in place has never been more crucial for businesses than it has right now.”

“The technology can range across a wide variety of solutions from smartphones to cloud computing systems. The important thing for businesses to remember is that employees want to be using the same technology in the workplace as they are at home. If businesses do not recognise this quickly and address the demand, they risk facing repercussions in the shape of lost employee productivity and engagement, which will damage business performance and potentially a loss in competitor edge.”

The full report, entitled ‘Understanding Digital Natives’, can be found on this link (PDF).