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IT teams using unsecure clouds for file sharing

Many IT teams all over the world acknowledge the fact that a secure way to store and share files, both internally (within a company) and externally is extremely important. However, many IT teams also lack the proper tools to do so.

Those are the results of a latest survey by Ipswitch, after asking 555 IT professionals across the globe about their file sharing habits.

The survey says that 76 per cent of IT professionals find it important to be able to securely transfer files, still 61 per cent use unsecured file-sharing clouds. At the same time, 32 per cent of IT professionals don’t have a file transfer policy in place, but 25 per cent plan to have one. A further 25 per cent said their company has a file transfer policy, but the enforcement is inconsistent.

More than a fifth (21 per cent) said they might have had a data breach, but they’re not entirely sure, while 38 per cent said their processes to identify and mitigate risks are inefficient.

Just slightly less than half (46 per cent) said they have a Managed File Transfer solution set up.

“The survey findings point to an obvious disconnect between IT and organisation leadership when it comes to file transfer security,” said Michael Hack, Senior Vice President of European Operations at Ipswitch. “IT teams need to voice this as a priority for 2016 to ensure the company has granular access control, automated policy governance, and protection of data in transit and at rest. By implementing a MFT solution and enforcing strict policies, IT teams can make sure sensitive company data is safe and secure, without hassle.”