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Military grade security without a password comes to your smartphone

At a time where cyber security is infiltrating the consciousness of consumers and businesses alike, finding the right balance between security and convenience has never been more important.

To that end, digital identity and credentials firm Intercede has launched RapID, a new security solution that delivers password and token free access to cloud services from mobile applications.

RapID provides military grade security by incorporating PKI based authentication and encryption to protect apps that are transaction based or involve sensitive data.

Richard Parris, CEO of Intercede, said: "For the first time application developers don’t have to compromise on security or convenience. RapID kills the need for passwords, the authentication method responsible for more than half of all security breaches. It incorporates standards-based strong encryption and it makes application services easier to access. That combination is a compelling proposition to build the trusted relationships between users and service providers that are essential in a digital economy."

Available on both Android and iOS devices, the solution guides the user through an initial identification and verification, resulting in a unique digital credential being issued to the device. Users then access the app via a PIN code or fingerprint scan, making use of two-factor authentication to ensure no other user can access the app.

"Consumers are rightly very sensitive to the security concerns surrounding digital applications and nobody has the capacity to remember the multiple complex passwords needed to provide even moderate levels of security,” said Dr Chris Edwards, Intercede’s Chief Technical Officer.

"The alternative RapID solution means much more convenient access and dramatically enhanced security. It enables service providers to deliver more functionality to mobileplatforms with the confidence that the people they interact with online are who they claim to be."