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7 reasons to celebrate ‘Love Your Robot Day’

Today (February 7th) is 'Love Your Robot Day', so we're taking a look at why you should love our robot companions.

The next generation of intelligent automation has arrived in the form of robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive technologies, and desktop automation. These multifaced workers offer businesses huge potential, enabling new levels of process efficiency, operational cost savings, speed and accuracy – leading to increased revenue growth and productivity gains.

Here’s just seven reasons to love our automated friends:

While robots are taking care of the administration, you can take care of your customers

Leaving the admin tasks to the robots means that humans are free to do what they do best – engage with other humans. Freeing up your human workforce’s time will help to build a more customer-centric and ultimately more profitable workplace.

They provide a new insight into the potential of your business

Employing the help of robots will provide a consistent and plentiful data source, from which you can identify new opportunities and operational efficiency improvements for your business.

They’re super accurate

Robots have no capacity for human error. When it comes to precision tasks that require in-depth data analysis or serious number crunching, robots are second to none.

They tackle the tedious tasks, so you don’t have to

RPA can be developed to fulfil a number of back office functions that are often tedious and repetitive, so that human employees can better deploy their skills elsewhere.

Robots offer businesses a quick ROI

By reducing running costs and completing tasks quickly and accurately, robots soon deliver a return on investment.

They’re fast and efficient

Robots can complete tasks in a much shorter time than their human counterparts, increasing the productivity of your business. They don’t take sick days, lunch breaks, or annual leave, and they’ll happily work beyond the nine ‘til five. Robots maintain a fast, consistent output, delivering scalable, flexible working solutions.

They help you get ahead of the competition

In an increasingly crowded market, you need to be able to quickly adapt policies, procedures, marketing initiatives, and compliance rules to meet demand. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables new processes to be built quickly, without altering your backend systems, so you gain competitive advantage and retain your custom.

More and more organisations are beginning to integrate robots into the workforce, and it turns out they make great colleagues. After all, they get on with their work quietly and without a grumble.

It’s just a shame they don’t make tea as well.


Hayley Lange, Director of Genfour